For Great Justice!



Hi, my name is Rob, and I have made music since 1999.
For Great Justice! was a moniker I took on in late 2002.

If you have any logo art, remixes or anything FGJ! related,
contact me, I would love to see it.

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Albums / EPs:

For Great Justice! - Fuzzlethud P Pots, a Musical Collection 2012
Light dancing on water
Suddenly, kittens!
Call me Ivy (feat. Jett) Alternate version
Call me Ivy (feat. Jett)
Save Me
Clockwork Beast
Clockwork Beast (shorter)
Earth-treading Star
Worlds Apart

For Great Justice! - Machine Spirit 2011
Machine Spirit
Parlor Tricks (with Alaska)
The Wolf
An Exaggerated Simulation of Plasma Particle Trajectories
mother brain
Evolution Chamber

For Great Justice! - Grim and Metal 2010
A Darker Half
Sirab al Layali
Paranoia (Sirab reprise)
The Southern Cross
Over the Edge, Over Again (Vapour remix)
Tidal Volume
Ruined City
Look out, he's got his probe!
Last night I had this dream...

For Great Justice! - For Great Justice! The Album! 2004

La Luna Caida
Nox Sum
Black Dragon Slayer
The Groove… of Justice!
Mantra (2002 mix)
Michelle’s Song
Above Everything
Ride the Fish

But Wait! There's More!

Secret Zombie Room
Evil Approaches!
Noir remixed
Go for the throat
Alpha Helix
Alpha Helix (ZeroFuser Cyber Helix Mix)
Alpha Helix (The Fat's Sabobah Upolyetealpha mix)
Ride the fish (The Fat's Sabobah remix)
The Good Job Company - Zanzibar green
The Good Job Company - Parachute (stupid clowns)
Life goes on
Vapour's Hallucination


Dubadub 2013 (dubstep)
Happy Birthday, Adrianne (DnB mix)
Playerkiller (DnB mix)
Midnight Transmissions II (Psytrance mix)
PsyLive on FFR Radio 5-28-05
PsyLive 8-09-08